Did you know that your grout selection is just as important as your new tile selection. For many homeowners when they take on a home improvement project that includes a tiling, tile grout selection is an after thought.

There are many different types of grout that are appropriate for different applications, many different qualities of tile grout, and of course may different colors.

This blog post topic on grout will be several part blog posts, focusing on different aspects on grout selection. This post will focus on the grout color selection.

Here is a great article with tips to help you with your tile grout color selection:

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What Grout Color Should You Choose for Your Tile?
Picking out new tile for your kitchen, bathroom or other space can be rather exciting. It’s easy to get caught up in looking at tile samples and the various colors, materials and patterns that are going to have a big impact in your home. But what often gets overlooked or downplayed is the selection of the grout color. And that shouldn’t be the case. The color of your grout can make or break the look of your tile. The grout color can create differ…

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