The Floor Barn flooring store also specializes in selling, fabricating and installation of granite countertops Mansfield TX. Consumer Reports just recently came out with an article about countertop materials that stand up to years of abuse.

Countertops are can be of a homeonwer’s biggest expenditures in their kitchen and bathrooms, and if chosen wisely can be one of the best investments you make for your home. Obviously a lot of your choice and selections will be depending on your budget for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Here are type of countertops that Consumer reports recommends:

Number one choice is Quartz counter tops. One of the most popular quartz countertops is Silestone. This stone with man made additive provides with a stronger and less porous countertop than natural products. It provides you with the same look as granite with less maintenance, but obviously with a larger price tag.

Number two choice is Granite countertops Mansfield TX.  Granite is a timeless look that is still extremely popular with homeowners. For many years, people thought it might be a fad that was soon to go out of style, but granite counters continue to buck the trend. They also are a much more affordable option to Quartz or Silestone and really does not take a lot of effort to reseal them on a annual basis.

Here is the Consumer Reports article with rest of the top countertop selections:

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Countertop materials that stand up to years of abuse
When shopping for kitchen appliances you’ll see a dizzying array of choices, from basic models to ones loaded with features. But your countertops might outlast your appliances by years, maybe decades, making this decision one you’ll live with for some time. Consumer Reports tested 14 materials and found that except for recycled glass, there wasn’t much difference among competing brands, but there were big differences in materials. Here’s a look a…

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